What the Experts Say

Wonder what clients think? Below is a sampling of the many comments from clients who have responded to the request for review after completion of their session.

Client AM: "Jennifer can find where ever your tension is and relax all those muscles. On top of that, she really seems to care about her clients. The only bad part is that you can't lay there forever, but I came home and took a two hour nap."

Client SD: "This was a great and thorough massage. It was so good, that I'm going to set up regular appointments. I've never had to go home right after a massage to take a nap, but I did after this massage! She is thoughtful, and will either talk with you or just let you quietly enjoy the experience, which ever you're in the mood for. Jennifer is GREAT! I highly recommend her magic fingers to anyone!"

Client RA: "We bought a gift certificate from a charity auction and my wife gave it to me for my birthday. I went in for a relaxing massage and I was deffinatly relaxed when I left. Jennifer was very nice and courteous. She even worked on a couple spots that were sore for me. Go and enjoy. Me and my wife will go back."

Client MM: "This was my husband's gift to me for Mother's Day. To all you guys out there... this is the best gift. Jennifer has amazing hands. I have already asked for this 'gift' again!"

Client JI: "I am a repeat customer. Jennifer is my savior. I have issues with my neck and she is always there to work on them. I love the ability to book online and I can always call her if I need to get in right away. She is very knowledgeable and very friendly. I highly recommend her!"

Client DR: "Jen is the best by far. I've been going to her for about 3 years now as well as my husband and my daughters! She knows exactly my trouble areas and gets them worked out."

Client CSA: "She has been doing reflexology massages for me for over a year. The medical issues I had have no longer come back. Now I am training for a half marathon and she has been great with deep tissue massages. I highly recommend her."

Client MM: "I broke my neck a couple of years back and started getting these horrible muscle spasms in my neck and shoulders. Every doctor I went to told me this would be something I would just have to live with...until I met Jennifer. She has not only helped me work out these issues but has also explained what I can do at home to help. My life would never have been the same without Jennifer. Thanks Jenn!!"

Client AM: "I'm not sure words can do her justice. I've been seeing Jennifer for over two years, and what I said the first time is still true: It's amazing...after one of her massages, touching my shoulders is like putting your fingers in softened butter. I highly recommend Jennifer, to anyone, whether you’ve had massages before or not, but if you've never had a massage before, see Jennifer! She takes her time to get to know you and makes you feel completely comfortable. Enjoy!"

I am humbled and honored. -jen