30 Minute "Massage du Jour" $30.00
This one's GREAT for relaxing the back and neck before chiropractic care, making it easier for the adjustment to take place.
60 Minutes $70.00
By far, the most popular.
90 Minutes $90.00
If you have the time, I highly recommend this treatment. You can relax, we can get the work done, and then you can relax again. We are not rushed and are able to spend more time on those troublesome achy areas. Excellent option.
45 Minutes of Sinus and Headache Relief $45.00
In this session, you will experience relaxation and release of tension and pressure. I will work primarily on your head, neck, face, shoulders, hands, and feet. Many clients are able to relax enough to drift to light sleep.
60 Minute Sports/Deep Tissue Massage $80.00
This is your deep tissue massage. If you are athletic, and over tax your muscles on a regular basis, then this is the massage for you. I am able to help you relax and do intensely beneficial work on your muscles. Sports massage helps muscles recover faster with the removal of lactic acid and increased circulation.
90 Minute Sports/Deep Tissue Massage $105.00
Again, a deep tissue massage with intense stretching. With 90 minutes, you are able to relax, I do the hard work, and then we end the session with additional relaxation. Most of my current sports massage clients prefer this option.
45 Minutes of Reflexology $45.00
Reflexology is an ancient healing art that deals primarily with the hands, feet, and ears. In this session, you will experience relaxation and release. Reflexology is not a gentle practice. However, although at times points on the feet may be oversensitive, most of my reflexology clients experience enough relaxation to drift into a light sleep. If you would like additional time spent on your neck and shoulders, please let me know ahead of time, to avoid scheduling conflicts.
Chair Massage
Interested in hiring a massage therapist with a massage chair for your next party? I am available to come to your office or party. If you need multiple massage therapists, I can coordinate that with you. Email or call for a quote.